By: dbeeby On: January 8, 2018 In: Uncategorized Comments: 0

As the result of a collaboration with EveryoneOn and the United Ways of California, Benefit Kitchen now screens for High Speed Internet!

This screening, which provides information about broadband for as little as $10/mo, is our first foray into non-governmental “benefits”. Our algorithm utilizes EveryoneOn’s application programming interfaces (APIs) and expands the results to provide customized offers–particularly in California where the United Ways of CA has identified several internet service providers (ISPs) as preferred partners.

This is an exciting development for us here at Benefit Kitchen. It represents an expansion of the benefits for which we screen (up to 18 federal, state, local, and now “corporate” offers) and it utilizes a third-party resource (EveryoneOn) to do some of the heavy lifting with respect to the broadband offers that are available nationally.

We applaud EveryoneOn as a nonprofit organization for building a robust API that helps us do this new screening–it’s something that we continue to encourage government organizations to do so that we can quickly and accurately screen for federal and state benefits in new states.