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At Benefit Kitchen we focus on data analytics that help nonprofits, government, and healthcare get benefits for their populations. We specialize in building screeners, datasets, CRMs, and APIs that help our partners address their patients’ “Social Determinants of Health” (SDOH). Specifically, our screening tool identifies eligible medicaid recipients (and other benefits) with a goal of clearing more debt, increasing efficiency, and improving factors that lead to negative health outcomes. The information we provide creates disposable income for the 40+ million low-income Americans who are hospitalized each year and increases their access to vital services such as health insurance, healthy food, and secure childcare. This is so important because 70% of good health is entirely unrelated to health care.

Rather than simply referring people to a food pantry we put cash in families’ pockets every month. Our ten-minute screener uses proprietary formulas to provide to-the-dollar benefit screenings for up-to 18 federal, state, and local benefits that offer health, food, childcare, housing, and income assistance. These screenings can be initiated by a patient, a social worker, or via a dataset batch process. All of this can done with institutional branding to increase trust within the community.

Our screening product for the healthcare industry is called Censerio. More information at or start a screening at