Partnership Spotlight: Benefit Kitchen and
United Ways of California


The United Ways of California (UWCA) are 27 organizations serving 58 counties across the state. Benefit Kitchen and UWCA are working together to help build paths out of poverty for low-income families across the state of California.
Benefit Kitchen for EITC and ACA outreach
With ACA enrollment and tax season beginning in January, Benefit Kitchen and United Ways of California want to team up to help spread the word about these vital programs, and ensure that all families get all the supports they have earned. For instance, in California only 50% of those eligible for Food Stamp assistance (SNAP) receive it. United Ways’ vast network of caring and supportive agencies and individuals within these communities and Benefit Kitchen’s state of the art software can help bring the federal, state and local funding to the people they were legislated to serve.
Benefit Kitchen and Healthcare Support
A large focus of health care reform was to redesign our healthcare system to treat the consumer holistically. For individuals and families receiving Medicaid, this means trying to help families not just in the Emergency Room but to get them greater food security, a warm and safe living environment, and the resources to be able to get their prescriptions filled all of which lead to more stable and productive lives. Benefit Kitchen and United Ways of California are piloting programs and services that would help Health Insurers better serve these vulnerable clients, and using a Socio-Economic Risk Indicator alert health advocates to families that might be at greater risk of falling behind.



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