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If you want internet, you might need to get cable (at least that’s the case in Brooklyn).

If you’re confused by your cable bill, it is not just YOU! Confusion is the name of the game when it comes to profits for cable companies. Below are some tips to try to lower your monthly cable bills. If you have something to add to the list, head to the comments section…

  1. Call to cancel your service — this may get you connected to a “retention specialist” who can offer more than the regular sales person. But see our next hint, in case this doesn’t work.
  2. If you aren’t happy with the person you are speaking with, don’t ask for a manager, call back at a less peak time when they might not be as stressed.
  3. Collect offers you receive from other cable providers and ask your service provider for a similar deal.
  4. Take your time on the phone with them, don’t be afraid to ask them to go line by line through your bill and make sure you need all of it.
  5. Investigate equipment fees. Ask them to explain these $8-$10/month fees and see if there isn’t something you could buy rather than “rent” like a modem. (Beware: some modems you buy online cannot be upgraded and may be incompatible with your service).
  6. Keep an eye on your bills (“package specials” expire and all of a sudden your bill is higher) – call back and renegotiate
  7. Be nice 🙂 We know you always are, but it never hurts to be reminded when it is so easy to be frustrated by a confusing corporate or government entity. Remember they are probably in similar circumstances and could also use a laugh or a smile.
  8. Internet Only? Be prepared to turn off the TV! Services like Netflix and Hulu run ~$10/mo and let you watch a lot of your shows on your television using inexpensive devices like Chromecast ($25-$35) or Roku ($35-$99).