Brooklyn! Discover the public benefits you’re eligible for now!



The Office of Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams is partnering with Benefit Kitchen, a Brooklyn-based company that’s helping New Yorkers learn about their eligibility for benefits such as Child Care, Public Assistance, SNAP and many others.

  • Quick, ten-minute screening
  • Free
  • Anonymous
  • Learn about a dozen benefits
  • You may be leaving thousands of dollars a year unclaimed

Since I have entered elected office, I have been long focused on addressing what I see as one of the biggest problems facing Brooklyn — the massive amount of resources we are leaving on the table,” said Borough President Adams. “We can’t really fight for additional resources when we’re not exhausting those that are already available, and that includes millions upon millions of unclaimed dollars right here in Brooklyn. More energy has been put into the soundbite of saying the benefits are available than the sound policy of connecting the people who are in need with the benefits they can receive. Many people in need don’t know how to go about addressing those needs, and that’s what Benefit Kitchen does. Families should not have to choose between filling prescriptions and filling their cupboards. When it comes to helping the working poor and others in need, we can now say, ‘There’s an app for that!’
– Borough President Eric Adams

Contact the Constituent Assistance Center at (718) 802-3700 or call/visit Brooklyn Job Centers by going to